Our Mission is to deliver pure water at the tap of a button

Potable water being one of the most critical needs of mankind, next to oxygen, triggered our journey to deliver pure & hygienic drinking water at the doorstep of every Bangalore resident at an affordable price, quality & timely service. Though water supply from local government is available in certain parts of Bangalore, it is generally not considered safe enough to drink until it undergoes several filtering & processing steps. Indeed there are multiple filtered water suppliers who deliver unknown labels, charge hefty price with poor quality and delivery service. There are also a few suppliers who deliver branded mineral water at a very high price thus making it unaffordable for daily household usage and even for businesses!

This is where we envisioned to build a platform that can connect & bring the filtered as well as mineral water resources from the neighborhood to the door step of Bangalore resident ensuring highest water quality, affordable price & most important – timely service.

We are currently piloting our service to individual homes and businesses in south Bangalore localities such as HSR layout and Koramangala. After receiving a phenomenal customer response, we are now expanding our journey to other localities of Bangalore. Stay tuned and get ready to quench your thirst for a safe, great-tasting, pure water.

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