Bisleri 5 Ltr


Bisleri 5 Litres Water Can – Packaged Drinking Water.

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Bisleri is one of the most popular brands for bottled water. Bisleri follows a six-step stringent purification process which means that the water from Bisleri is pure and absolutely good for your health. Even the bottles where the water is stored are made in Bisleri plants as well to avoid contamination.

A bottle of Bisleri water contains calcium, chlorides, magnesium and TDS; all of which are absolutely essential for healthy well-being. Nutritional Facts The best thing about consuming mineral water is that it has no calories and no fat. If you are trying to lose weight, then you should curb your daily intake of aerated drinks and increase the amount of mineral water which will keep the body hydrated and healthy.

Known as a great source of sulphates, mineral water helps in the digestion process as well.

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